Global crisis, local impact.
In these times, alongside with a new lexicon, we also got used to new behaviours, new life scenes, new colors.
Words like mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, confinement, distance , closure, CERB, and others have spread amongst our daily vocabulary. We became distant together or lonely distant. The 'personal space' is now greater than ever, backed up by the social distancing rules we (must) follow. And blue is back in fashion, so popular, it's on (almost) everyone's lips.
People's faces change, neighbourhoods' faces too. Parkdale is no exception. As a Parkdalian myself, this album is how I saw my neighbourhood on Tuesday, May 12th 2020. Even though most streets wear the smile of Amazon boxes, I found Parkdale with a somewhat sad, but resilient face - like its unique population where many had been in a "time of crisis" way before 2020.
Tomorrow looks brighter.

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